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ISNTV work with a number of overseas broadcasters providing extensive coverage from across the Barclays Premier League including pre match press conference and player interviews. We also provide crews to film training and interviews as arranged with various clubs.

ISNTV provides quick delivery of pre and post match coverage from the UEFA Champions and Europa League competitions as well as the FA Cup. With crews around England, ISNTV always has a camera close to any breaking sports news story or arranged feature providing client’s with high quality content as it happens.

All content is delivered via FTP and/or other web transfer services to keep transfer costs to a minimum and ensure quick and effective delivery of content.

Due to the different requirements of our clients – ISNTV offers a subscription service providing broadcasters with full access to our extensive library containing everything required to produce high quality regular sports features and bulletins to their audience – as well as an ad hoc service for new clients delivering what they require on demand.

For further information about our services and to see how ISNTV can assist your channel and production please use our contact page.

Our homepage features a number of lower resolution examples of the work we do.

Recommendation from Tony Whelan, Controller of Programming at Setanta Sports Ireland: “ISNTV provided a highly effective, reliable service that was invaluable to our pre and post match productions. The pre match interviews were always delivered quickly, many times within an hour of an interview ending, and Jeff’s team would always accommodate requests made by our production staff. I would have no hesitation in recommending ISNTV to any broadcasters looking to use top quality wraparound content for their live matches and highlight programmes. ISNTV also crewed and co-ordinated with various EPL clubs on our behalf to provide exclusive player interviews and again these were invaluable to our productions.”


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